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Healthcare Performance Improvement Mistakes, Part 6: Searching for the Golden Ticket

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

I’m not sure exactly how many Wonka Bars that Veruca Salt’s army of workers opened up to find her golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but she certainly had many more opportunities than Charlie, whose family only had enough extra money to spare for one just one shot at his dream. When it comes […]


NEW Video on Implementing Constraints Management with Lean Six Sigma at Anadolu Medical Center

In this latest video from NOVACES, the first twelve months of deploying a Continuous Performance Improvement program, called “SüPer,” at Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey are discussed. With 201 beds, the hospital has begun implementing Lean Six Sigma with Constraints Management in an integrated manner. You’ll see examples of how improvement project selection incorporated Theory of […]

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