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Maintaining Business Continuity in Crisis – COVID-19

Author: Paul Dean, NOVACES (Washington, D.C.) Amidst the uncertainty of the current environment, the currency of information expires within a few short weeks, sometimes merely within days.  Indeed, the global outlook in February 2020 is entirely alien in the context of what we now know two months later.  However volatile our predicament may seem though, […]


Improving Project Portfolio Performance with Buffers

View the TOCICO 2015 presentation “Improving Project Portfolio Performance with Buffer-Type Flexibility and Task-level DBR”


Utah’s SUCCESS Framework on the Inside, for Success on the Outside

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

View the “Working with the SUCCESS Framework on the Inside, for Success on the Outside” presentation at TOCICO 2015.


Catching the HRO Wave: Marching Towards “Zero Harm to Patients”

Submitted By: Dr. Bahadir Inozu

After seeing the benefits of becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO) in other industries, Military Healthcare System (MHS) is transforming into an HRO, as mandated following a  Secretary of Defense ordered review of safety, access, and quality in 2014.  This review stated that, “The foundation for improving performance in the MHS rests on combining the concepts […]


Our work in Utah was featured on the Governor’s blog!

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

Recently our work with the State of Utah was highlighted on Governor Herbert’s blog. To read his post, check out this link: http://blog.governor.utah.gov/2014/08/why-it-matters-the-effort-to-reduce-recidivism/


Improvements from State of Utah’s SUCCESS Program Adds Jobs for Inmates and Doubles Revenue at Utah Correctional Industries

Submitted By: Robyn Burghard

Utah’s SUCCESS Program led by the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) has reported positive results on an initiative that supports of Governor Herbert’s mission to reduce recidivism (the relapse of criminal behavior) in the State. NOVACES, a management consulting firm that provides performance improvement solutions to the government, is teamed with Goldratt Research […]


NOVACES Awarded Contract with VA Supply Chain Management School

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

NOVACES Awarded Contract with Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy to Provide Training for the Supply Chain Management School The Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) will receive Principles of Inventory Management Training from the NOVACES and APICS DC Metro team under this five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement. NOVACES, a leading management consulting and training firm for […]


Veterans Health Administration Steadily Increasing Use of Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement to Support Its Systems Redesign Initiative

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

Troop drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan and impending cuts in number of troops directed by the DoD has created an urgent need for business transformation within the VA hospital system that supports our veterans after they have transitioned back to civilian life.  Among the various improvement strategies for the VHA is the Systems Redesign, which […]


“Epiphanized” Author Bob Sproull Tells All About His Own Epiphany!

Mike Hannan interviews Bob Sproull of NOVACES an author, executive and business turnaround expert, about his recently released book “Epiphanized: Integrating Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma” – and Bob talks about his own epiphany early on in his career! WATCH THE VIDEO >> Written as a business novel, Epiphanized is an attention-grabbing and […]


Twelve Days of Constraints Management: #1 RESULTS

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

We’ve finally reached the last installment of Twelve Days of Constraints Management. A little late for the holidays but the website is back up and running and we now know what the security issue was with our site. A website virus will never stop us from getting the word out about the tremendous results that […]

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