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Maintaining Business Continuity in Crisis – COVID-19

Author: Paul Dean, NOVACES (Washington, D.C.) Amidst the uncertainty of the current environment, the currency of information expires within a few short weeks, sometimes merely within days.  Indeed, the global outlook in February 2020 is entirely alien in the context of what we now know two months later.  However volatile our predicament may seem though, […]


Healthcare Performance Improvement Mistakes, Part 7: We’ve Saved Millions

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

In previous issues of this series, we have explored the importance of linking healthcare process improvement endeavors with organizational strategy, obtaining leadership buy-in, decision-making based on data and analysis, and the appropriate scoping of projects and events. Even with all those things in place, there is one common mistake that can cause a deployment to […]


Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare: The Unexpected Value-Adds

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

Implementing a healthcare lean Six Sigma process and performance improvement program in your hospital will result in several surprising value-adding benefits. While these unexpected outcomes are by-products of the larger initiative objectives, they create just as much long-term value. Unexpected healthcare process and performance improvement training benefits: Increased visibility into otherwise unnoticed healthcare processes. Healthcare […]


Cut lead time on major construction projects by 20% or more

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

In Necessary But Not Sufficient, Dr. Eli Goldratt provided some guidelines to help us evaluate and leverage the introduction of a new technology. He reasoned that a new technology can bring new benefits if and only if it enables people to overcome one or more limitations of existing technologies. What is limiting major construction and […]


Hospital Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement: The Most Important Piece of Your 2012 Budget

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

 The most successful healthcare organizations know this: Increasing revenue is always good, but cutting costs with a red pen is not always the answer. Implementing healthcare lean Six Sigma training practices is not as scary as it sounds, and improving hospital processes can significantly increase profitability and impact your bottom line.  In fact, hundreds of healthcare […]


Download White Papers on Healthcare and Hospital Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

NOVACES’ healthcare and hospital lean and six sigma process and performance improvement experts frequently publish white papers that highlight challenge-resolution scenarios that demonstrate quantifiable results.

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