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“Epiphanized” Author Bob Sproull Tells All About His Own Epiphany!

Mike Hannan interviews Bob Sproull of NOVACES an author, executive and business turnaround expert, about his recently released book “Epiphanized: Integrating Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma” – and Bob talks about his own epiphany early on in his career!


Written as a business novel, Epiphanized is an attention-grabbing and fast-paced story of the transformation of Barton Enterprises, a manufacturer of fuel tanks for the aviation and defense industry. Like so many other companies, Barton is struggling to meet customer due dates while eking out a minimal profit margin. Joe Pecci, a process improvement expert, is hired by Barton to change their fate, but Joe soon realizes that the culture and performance metrics in place will make this a difficult thing to do. When Barton s VP of Operations, Sam Henderson, is given an ultimatum to fix Barton or lose his job, Sam becomes a willing partner for change.

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