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NOVACES Announces Economic Development Administration Contract Award for Disaster Recovery Services

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

NOVACES announced today that it has been awarded a contract for Disaster Recovery services to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) under a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).

This new work is to be carried out nationally when disasters occur and EDA issues task orders for services. To accomplish this, NOVACES is teamed with DADCO Consulting and The Johnson Group for their economic development expertise. The BPA is established for six years – a base period and five additional one year option periods.

The firm’s role in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster response enabled the development of Agile Emergency Management, a revolutionary approach to incident management that improves disaster response logistics, delivers far better cost-control and provides dashboard situational awareness for Incident Command leaders. As a result of this project, NOVACES has significantly expanded its disaster response and emergency management practice, particularly on the Gulf Coast and in the Northeast region, which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

On the EDA contract, NOVACES will leverage its experience delivering project and program management services for the disaster response and recovery sector. The contract scope of work includes deployment of economic impact assessment teams, deployable subject matter expertise, logistics, coordination, training, planning assistance, project management, quality assurance planning and other related management consulting services.

“We are pleased to be a part of the DoC EDA team. Our company’s pioneering work on the adaptation of advanced project and program management techniques into disaster response and recovery, along with our important partners in economic redevelopment and policy arenas, will help EDA provide improved disaster recovery services for our nation,” said Robert Cheney, Program Director at NOVACES.

NOVACES, a management consulting firm headquartered in New Orleans, LA, provides performance management, continuous process improvement (CPI), and project management services to both public and private sector organizations. The firm developed a disaster and emergency response framework, called Agile Emergency Management, to accelerate the recovery process and provide a big picture perspective to executive stakeholders. More information can be found at http://www.novaces.com or by calling 1-855-NOVACES.

About DADCO Consulting
DADCO consulting has developed a worldwide reputation for developing effective strategies for disaster recovery and reinvestment. Beginning with the Gulf Reinvestment Forum after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to the development of a reinvestment strategy for the Mexicali Valley in Baja California, helping the seafood sector in southeast Louisiana after the BP oil spill, and now providing ideas for recovery of the devastated northeast coast of Japan. DADCO is developing a reputation as the leading disaster recovery firm in the field of economic development. More information can be found at http://www.dadconsult.com.

About The Johnson Group
The firm brings an extensive network of relationships working effectively with economic development, corporate, civic and government sectors at the local, state and national levels. We tap our combined six decades of leadership as practitioners in economic development, community strategy and organizational development to deliver services including Organizational Design, Performance Assessment and Strategy Community Recovery, Revitalization and Resiliency Planning. More information is available at http://www.thejohnsongroupllc.com

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