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Cut lead time on major construction projects by 20% or more

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

In Necessary But Not Sufficient, Dr. Eli Goldratt provided some guidelines to help us evaluate and leverage the introduction of a new technology. He reasoned that a new technology can bring new benefits if and only if it enables people to overcome one or more limitations of existing technologies.

What is limiting major construction and engineering projects from finishing at least 20% earlier?

The limiting factors for late and over budget projects are three management rules that create an artificial ceiling for the performance of your organization’s projects.

Why do 39% of projects with a budget of $10 million or more fail?

This figure, reported by the Standish Group’s research, tells us that this is a chronic issue with the project delivery system of today’s organizations. It is equally true for the construction of healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, sports complexes and more.

What would that mean to your organization and your customers to reliably finish projects 20% earlier?

Managing large construction projects is no easy feat. These projects come with a host of enormous technical and logistical challenges, among others. However, the inability to deliver projects on time and on budget is not because of a lack of ingenuity and innovative thinking to overcome these types of challenges.

What would it mean to your organization if projects could finish significantly earlier than when using traditional project management approaches? How much more competitive, more innovative and more successful could your organization be by changing three simple rules by which projects are managed?

How can you change the rules and achieve the results that others are already experiencing?

By learning about these rules that limit your organization’s performance, there is an opportunity to change. Leaders who have embrace these changes have proven that this new method works and case studies reflect that the approach can truly be classified as breakthrough. To begin learning about how to “Change the Rules,” sign up to attend our webinar on Tuesday, January 31 at 1 pm ET.

Change the Rules: How Leaders Can Overcome the Three Biggest Project Management Challenges
January 31 @ 1 PM EST
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The webinar is accompanied by a white paper that is available for download at: www.novaces.com/ccpm

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