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Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare: The Unexpected Value-Adds

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

Implementing a healthcare lean Six Sigma process and performance improvement program in your hospital will result in several surprising value-adding benefits. While these unexpected outcomes are by-products of the larger initiative objectives, they create just as much long-term value.

Unexpected healthcare process and performance improvement training benefits:

  • Increased visibility into otherwise unnoticed healthcare processes. Healthcare Lean Six Sigma performance improvement consultants focus on reducing process variation, and improving the capability of that process. As a result, healthcare organizations gain insight into otherwise unnoticed areas of improvement, such as patient wait time and the impact of interruptions on nursing staff. Increased visibility in these areas makes a tremendous impact on bottom line revenue over the course of a fiscal calendar. See what some healthcare clients have achieved by working with a hospital process and performance improvement expert
  • Improved understanding of roles across the enterprise. Lean Six Sigma healthcare consultants help to increase interdepartmental understanding and of roles and responsibilities within the organization. This decreases “pass the buck” and “someone else will take of it” mentalities, and encourages individuals to take a leadership role in making proactive adjustments that serve the greater good of the organization.
  • Increased and improved communication between departments and staff members that don’t normally interact. Working with a hospital process and performance improvement specialist helps to increase interdepartmental communication, which translates into greater efficiencies and an overall improved customer-focused culture.
  • Better alignment of values and vision among staff members. Properly implemented hospital process and performance improvement projects align with the organization’s overall mission and business objectives. A hospital process and performance improvement expert will ensure alignment of organizational revenue goals and business objectives that benefit everyone individually and collectively.

Once even the slightest process and performance improvement successes are achieved, healthcare organization employees get a sense of what’s possible, and are motivated and encouraged to do even more.

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