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Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Training Consultancy Introduces Hospitals & Medical Practices to Process, Quality & Performance Improvement Models Borrowed From Other Industries

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren

For nearly 10 years, NOVACES has honed its expertise in performance and quality improvement across a variety of vertical industries that require people, processes and systems to interact with perfectly timed, budgeted and executed precision. Today, NOVACES is an international, award-winning lean six sigma healthcare training consultancy that applies its documented best practices to some of the world’s largest hospitals, medical practices and healthcare systems.

NOVACES’ performance improvement deployments and lean six sigma healthcare training programs for hospitals and medical facilities consistently produce measurable results. The company’s certified Lean Six Sigma healthcare Black Belts carefully benchmark starting standards to track incremental progress of key performance indicators such as cost, workflow efficiency, resource allocation, data accuracy, health outcomes and patient and employee satisfaction.

While some sectors can maintain the status quo without fear of negatively affecting public perception or pushing the boundaries of industry standards, the healthcare market is inherently in a state of continuous improvement. It is prime for the insightful analyses and rigorous methodologies of Lean, Six Sigma and Constraints Management approaches to process, performance and quality improvement – all three of which, NOVACES’ Black Belts and consultants are qualified to apply.

As a leading lean six sigma healthcare training consultancy, NOVACES’ experts frequently note that the most successful organization-wide process, performance and quality improvement initiatives have one consistent factor in common, despite the vertical industry: the program participants’ openness to change and commitment to improvement.

If you are interested in improving productivity, enhancing operational and workflow efficiencies, lowering costs and eliminating waste – all without sacrificing excellent patient standard of care, please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified healthcare Lean Six Sigma consultants. We invite you to leverage our vast experience to implement measurable process, quality and performance improvement in your hospital, healthcare facility or medical practice!

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