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NOVACES Consultants Apply Lean Six Sigma Process and Quality Improvement Methodologies to Cities, Towns, Municipalities and Government Entities

Submitted By: Brian MacClaren
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NOVACES is one of the country’s most experienced lean six sigma process and quality improvement consulting firms. The company’s Black Belt consultants (with expertise in the government sector) will be attending the New Jersey Conference of Mayors (booth #221).

Government officials, especially Mayors, are tasked with making substantial community improvements, while maintaining fiscal responsibility and earning the trust of constituents. One way to accomplish this multi-pronged challenge is to eliminate inefficiencies and waste from existing systems and inherited processes. Lean process and quality improvement methodologies have been successfully deployed in communities around the country. Many cities, towns and municipalities have used this proven approach to extend public resources, reduce expenditures, reallocate investments and improve the quality of life for citizens. Community leaders who champion lean-driven programs are hailed as visionaries who create a lasting legacy of change. A better future is waiting for your community.

NOVACES has years of experience partnering with government officials to improve system and process performance. We will work directly with you and your teams to evaluate current services, find inefficiencies, and then roll up our sleeves to help you implement change.  And, as we do this, we teach your staff the methods to improve your services even after we leave. These are the types of programs that create lasting legacies for government leaders.

NOVACES government lean and six process and quality improvement programs have been successfully applied to procurement, building permit, waste water and road repair initiatives (to mention a few). The outcomes are improved ROI (return on investment), greater efficiency, reduced spending and faster turnaround.

Contact Kevin Farley at kfarley@novaces.com or 732.609.7598 to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your city, town or municipality’s system or process challenge.

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